Baird Home Solutions

Our Approach

When you have an emergency or an important project, the last thing you want to deal with is an unfriendly voice on the other end of the phone. So we promise to always greet you with respect and understanding. You’ll notice the difference starting with the first phone call.

We make every effort to get to know each client and their goals. Sometimes that means the highest quality materials and workmanship to increase the value of your home, or meeting a repair deadline for a real estate sale, or maybe just fixing a leak as fast as possible. No matter what your situation, we take a straightforward approach to discuss your options and pricing.

How It All Began...

Hi there. Evin Baird here, owner and operator of Baird Home Solutions. After a childhood raised by tradesman, software engineers, and technical administrators, I spent my summers after high school working for local handyman contractors while I attended a big fancy college. Over time, what started as just a summer job and an excuse to be outside gradually evolved into a full-time passion.

After spending thousands of dollars on an education to make to make my brain more valuable, it turned out I was just as much in love with working with my hands. So I finished school, got a degree, and spent several more years in the trades in various apprenticeships and subcontracting work, before I opened up shop for myself, with a focus on personalized consumer education, green solutions, and ethical business practices…three things that I saw were in short supply in the contracting world.


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